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Jul 2015
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    shays4e355f4dd commented on What's The Wildest Thing That Happened To You As A Working Woman?

    In my early twenties I worked at a veterinary office and I didn’t wear much makeup. My boss told me to keep my job I needed to start putting Vaseline on my teeth for a beauty queen smile and then hired a Mary Kay woman to teach me how to wear the makeup they wanted.

    4 years ago

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    shays4e355f4dd commented on What's The Craziest Celebrity Sex Dream You've Ever Had?

    George Clooney threw a stick at my dog. So I picked up the stick, ran over to him and started wailing on him with the stick. He gave me the key to his room, told me to be there at 6, and to bring the stick.

    6 years ago

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