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17 Of The Best Gifts To Send To Your Enemy (or Best Friend)

Here, have a bag of dicks and a real shitty day

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5. A Butt-hurt Care Package


For just $12.99 you can send the most condescending gift of all: a care package to someone who just can't take a joke. "The kit includes our famous Butthurt topical cream for instant anal relief, a glitter clean-up cloth to aid in the removal of the stripper-dust, and a pocket pack of Kleenex for the tears. For an extra $2 we'll throw in some tampons for that pussy." Buy it here.

8. The Middle Finger

Why not go with a classic? So simple, yet super effective. Bird by Mail will anonymously send your enemy literally just a piece of paper that reads "Hi!" to offer a false sense of security, then when opened reveals a big, fat middle finger.

11. A Piece of Gum

Is your enemy's ass jealous of all of the shit that comes out of his mouth? Let him know! While not so much as a malicious gift, but rather, a valuable piece of advice, BestPranksByMail will ship that one person who "forgets" to brush his/her teeth each morning an anonymous note explaining that they smell like pure shit.

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