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    15 Reasons Why Milwaukee Is Better Than The Last City You Lived In

    We all think our hometown is the crème de la crème, but trust me, unless it's Milwaukee, it's not. Here are reasons why, defending Brew City's honor through award-winning restaurants and pubs, countless music and art events, a diverse mix of neighborhoods, and our love of coming together for every and any festival in the city.

    1. Home to the world's largest music festival, you'll lose yourself in the Summerfest groove

    2. The Henry W. Maier Festival Park is the anchor to MKE's festival pride

    3. .... and if you haven't figured it out by now, we are THE City of Festivals

    4. Nothing can compare to The East Side

    5. Our Public Market is one of America's Best

    6. Our parks system is a Gold-Medal winner

    7. The Milwaukee Art Museum is one of the top in the country

    8. You'll never be thirsty in Brew City...

    9. ... and we have more bars than grocery stores

    10. We have Sobelman's

    11. We have Leon's

    12. And we have 2 miles to represent one of the best river towns in America

    13. We can always find beauty in our neighborhoods

    14. We like to ride bikes in our underwear to promote positive self-body image

    15. Milwaukee is Milwaukee

    A Final Sidenote

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    Gather your thoughts on Milwaukee with this short 2-minute video dedicated to appreciating the beauties of our city.

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    Dear MKE

    I'd like to end the post by saying there are millions of other hidden Milwaukee treasures to be explored that were not included in this post. This post was created for a college English project and was not intended to ignore, overlook, or imply importance of any aspect of Milwaukee over others. I do not own or have any rights to the photos or videos incorporated in this post.