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Even If You Hate Honey Singh, You'll Love This Saxophone Cover Of His Song

Rab di saunh, you so SAXY.

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The Revisit Project, a Delhi based jam band, just made an epic version of Honey Singh's "Brown Rang."

The 5-piece were challenged by Radio Mirchi RJ Rohit to cover the song, and they took it up immediately.

Skip to around 0:59 for the music.

The Revisit Project is an all instrumental band, who specialize in making their own versions of famous Hindi songs.

Facebook: trpdelhi

Their favourite artists include Lata Mangeshkar, Stevie Wonder, Madan Mohan and Herbie Hancock. Now, that's an impressive list.

Check out their wonderfully jazzy rendition of "Hum Dum Soniyo Re."

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Smooooooth, right?