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The 12 Most Insane Moments From The Glory Days Of The Indian Internet


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2. When this guy had the guts to ask the difficult questions.

Who: We have reason to believe that this aspiring actor is indeed the "How Can She Slap" guy.

Famous For: Becoming a YouTube sensation after a video surfaced of him slapping the host on an Indian reality show, and then getting his ass handed to him by the rest of the crew. Obviously, there is a super catchy remix.

Best Moment: When asked to fuck off by the host, he looks her dead in the eye and says, "You go?"

3. When this guy was "laft alone."

Who: In his own words, "I am my name is, Tarun Kumar."

Famous For: This guy showed up in his signature vest and cap and turned the music industry on its head with his fresh rhymes. His biggest hit? "She Laft Me Alone."

Best Moment: "I vant to present my song. Which is in Eynglish. And written by me."

4. When this guy showed everyone how to propose to a lady.

Who: This lovestruck Romeo's heartfelt, totally not creepy proposal surfaced three years ago, and has since been the stuff of YouTube legend.

Famous For: Professing his love to a girl in the most entertaining video ever. He tries to convince his lady love that he's not the guy who will "just fall here" if you do not love him. But like a real man, he has the guts to admit that he's already "loved couple of girls."

Best Moment: "Hi! How is the location? As beautiful as I am right? Okay, just kidding. As beautiful as you are." = Smoothest pick-up line of all time.


5. When this rockstar just wanted you to know that he's a very good bad boy.

Who: Vennu Mallesh, India's most famous DIY YouTube music icon.

Famous For: The most confusing lyrics ever written since Chocolate Rain. An excerpt:

"People think that I am somewhat mental,

They don't know I am very sentimental,

A friend of mine said I am a waste fellow,

He don't know the taste of this fellooooooooowwww."

Best Moment: Every single second of his seminal hit number, "It's My Life."

6. When this girl tried to woo Desi Spiderman.

B2 Productions / Via

Who: A song from the Bhojpuri movie "Desi Spiderman".

Famous For: Just the bizarreness of an Indian Spiderman... dancing in a field... while being wooed by a chest-heaving lady.

Best Moment: When Desi Spiderman tries to swing around with the girl under his arms and almost keels over from the weight.

7. When this guy went all DGAF on the dance floor.

itsAjAx's channel / Via

Who: The description just refers to him as "funny Indian, probably drunk". Sounds about right.

Famous For: Attending a wedding and giving a new meaning to words "dance like no one's watching".

Best Moment: When, about 75 seconds into the video, he does a cartwheel that nearly takes out a fellow guest.

8. When this guy tried karaoke on a webcam.

poris5 / Via

Who: K. Chaudhry, an elderly retired doctor from New Delhi, more famously known on the interwebz as "DoctorKC".

Famous For: Uploading webcam videos of himself doing really bad, but completely sincere and amazing, karaoke versions of American pop numbers.

Best Moment: That first upload of him singing Michael Jackson's "Beat it", which went so viral, it prompted him to cover dozens of other Billboard Top 40 hits.


9. When Neha didn't take being dumped by Vaibhav very well.

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Who: Neha and Vaibhav, who broke up much to Neha's most vocal displeasure.

Famous For: A highly entertaining and shockingly abusive 7-minute phone call in which Neha tears Vaibhav a new one. Perhaps, the only non-song upload on YouTube to have 5 million hits with just a black screen.

Best Moment: Pick one, man!

"Break chahiye tujhe? Bada filmstar banega?"

"Apne lund ke dum pe you made me crazy."

"Bhenchod, I hate bloody mumma's boys!"

"Tu toh kuch karta hi nahi hai. Ghusaati bhi main hoon, hilaati bhi main hoon, nikalwaati bhi main hoon."

10. When this chubby kid absolutely slayed the "Dhinka Chika".

Jason Wijesuriya / Via

Who: Akshat Singh, a 5-year-old boy who loves to shake a leg.

Famous For: Dancing to Bhai's "Dhinka Chika" in his undies and going from a viral video all the way to The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Best Moment: When he does the worm, followed immediately by an epic cartwheel.

11. When Jackie Shroff just couldn't get through this PSA without cursing his ass off.

Bollywood News Villa / Via

Who: Jackie Shroff, Bollywood star and the worst actor you can put in a Polio ad.

Famous For: This behind-the-scenes footage of him failing miserably at trying to shoot a PSA and abusing like a sailor through multiple takes.

Best Moment: The phrase that would go on to become a meme in itself - "Maushichi Gaand".

12. And when this lady made Freddie Mercury proud.

JewsLikeFunk / Via

Who: A budding singer and talent hunt-auditioner.

Famous For: Singing Queen's "We Will Rock You" with the most South Indian accent ever and giving us an amazingly original cover .

Best Moment: When she looks at the camera after her song ends and says "alright".