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    This Singer-Songwriter Got Stuck In A Car And Had The Best Damn Jam Session

    Let's hope nobody told them it stopped raining because this shit is awesome.

    Last Saturday, Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Tejas Menon and his band were holed up in their car as they waited to play a gig which was delayed due to rain.

    Tejas Menon / Via Facebook:

    Instead of moping about the weather, Tejas and his bandmates decided to make the most of the situation and record an impromptu jam session in the car.

    Tejas Menon

    With the bass plugged into the car stereo and some chest-thumping percussion, the band played "Wine" from Menon's upcoming EP, and everything about this makes it the perfect song for a rainy day.

    Enjoy the soulful jam here:

    Facebook: video.php

    Listen to more music by Tejas on SoundCloud and iTunes.

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