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17 Breathtaking Pieces Of Street Art From India You Need To See Right Now

It isn't vandalism if it's this beautiful, right?

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1. Many cities and towns across India are witnessing a silent but beautiful revolution – the street art movement.

This exquisite piece is from Bandra, Mumbai.

2. Artists from all over the country and from different parts of the world are bringing India's streets to life.

This was done by Australian artist Krilly Moon Snail on the streets of Pune.


6. There are a lot of styles to be observed, from good old graffiti...

^A work of art from New Delhi.

7. some art forms closer to home.



8. Sometimes, it's a minimal touch of genius...

^Spotted in Bangalore.

9. ...and sometimes, a stunning illustration over a sprawling facade.

10. These artists have got everyone who's walking down the road doing double takes...


11. And stopping to take a picture.

12. They aren't afraid to paint outside the borders...

^A rooftop in Rishikesh.


13. And add a little magic to our lives.


14. It isn't vandalism if it's this beautiful, right?

15. And if it's this thought-provoking?


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