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    15 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With WhatsApp

    Find out who your WhatsApp BFF is.

    1. Find out which people you've interacted with the most.

    Shayan Roy

    * Click the "Settings" tab on the bottom right of your WhatsApp screen.

    * Click on "Data Usage" and then on "Storage Usage"

    A screen will pop up which shows you a ranking of which chats you spend most of your time on.

    If you click on any of those chats, it'll even give you a detailed breakdown of exactly how many text messages, and files you've sent to that person or group.

    2. When someone mentions a date, create an event so you don't forget.

    Shayan Roy

    You'll notice that whenever someone mentions a date and/or time on WhatsApp, it appears as a clickable link.

    Simply click on that link, and select "Create Event" from the drop-down. This lets you add an event to your phone's calendar, and voila! Now you have no excuse for missing my birthday.

    3. Swipe on a message to quote it.

    Shayan Roy

    Instead of long-pressing a message, and then selecting "Reply" to quote the message, you can simply swipe right on a message and WhatsApp will automatically do it for you.

    Granted, this only saves you about a second. But if you're a serial quoter, you're saving, like, 25 seconds a day. That's like, 9,000 seconds a year.

    Two-and-a-half hours of time saved every year. Now you can re-watch Pulp Fiction. Thank me later.

    4. Access WhatsApp's giant-ass secret GIF library.

    Shayan Roy

    Who knew that WhatsApp had a gigantic library of GIFs, and it was right under our noses all this time?

    * Go to any chat, and click the "+" icon on the bottom left.

    * Click on "Photo & Video Library" from the popup menu.

    * Click on "GIF" on the bottom left to unleash a plethora of reaction GIFs.

    5. Or just use WhatsApp to turn your videos to GIFs in a jiffy.

    Shayan Roy / Via Shayan Roy

    * Go to any chat, and click the "+" icon on the bottom left.

    * Click on "Photo & Video Library" from the popup menu.

    * Select a video from your library (make sure it's under the WhatsApp limit of 64MB).

    * In the video editing view, slide the video length cropper down to 5 seconds or less (because which monster wants GIFs longer than that anyway).

    And that's how you can easily turn your videos into a GIF. EVERYTHING IS BETTER WHEN IT'S LOOPED.

    6. Send someone a WhatsApp message without actually typing anything.

    Shayan Roy

    WhatsApp works with Siri (for iOS) and "OK Google" (for Android)!

    Say "Hey Siri" or "OK Google", and then ask them to "send a WhatsApp to" followed by the name of your contact, and then say "saying", followed by your message.

    Then tell them how you sent them a WhatsApp without typing in a single word. Because these things need to be discussed.

    7. Create your own "notes" chat where you can save photos, links, voice clips, and... notes.

    Shayan Roy / Via Shayan Roy

    * Create a new group, and add any one other contact to it.

    * Once the group is created, kick the other contact out.

    * Explain to your contact why you have done this.^

    Now you're in a group where you can record your musings. It's actually better than your "Notes" app, because it lets you record voice notes, click pictures, or take videos on the fly.

    ^This step is not mandatory. Not everything deserves an explanation.

    8. Hide your phone number when using WhatsApp.

    NBA / Via Giphy

    You'll need two SIM cards for this (preferably your current SIM and an older one), but if you're paranoid about people seeing your phone number on WhatsApp, it's worth it.

    * Insert the old SIM and activate WhatsApp on it.

    * Replace the SIM with the new one.

    * When prompted, choose to go with the old number on WhatsApp.

    Now nobody will be able to get your current number if they have you on WhatsApp.

    Mind you, certain countries tend to put unused SIM cards back into circulation, so if you want to keep that old number, it might be a good idea to insert the old SIM into an old handset.

    9. Save data when you're making calls through WhatsApp.

    Shayan Roy

    * Click "Settings" on the bottom right of your WhatsApp screen.

    * Click on "Data and Storage Usage".

    * Enable the "Low Data Usage" toggle.

    10. Use a ~cool~ typewriter font to impress your friends/crush.

    Shayan Roy / Via Shayan Roy

    * Go to the punctuations tab on your chat, and enclose your message with three of the ` character on either side.

    (It's on the second page of punctuation marks for Android users, while iPhone users can find it by long-pressing the apostrophe character)

    * Send the message, and it'll go through in a typewriter font.

    * Say things like "Aaaaaa I just know deez tings, fam" when someone asks you how in blazes you did that shit.

    11. Add custom notifications so you know who's messaging you without checking your phone.

    Shayan Roy

    If you're constantly receiving messages on your phone, and feel the need to check your screen to see who it is, here's a quick way to save some eye-time.

    * Click on the name of any private/group chat to open up Contact Info.

    * Click on "Custom Notifications" and select a unique tone for that chat.

    Now you know who you're ignoring without even checking your screen.

    12. Locate old group chats easily.

    Shayan Roy

    Instead of trying to recall the name of an old group chat, which might be a bit tricky, try this:

    * Try to remember any one person who was on that group with you.

    * Go to their chat, and click on their name to open up "Contact info".

    * Scroll down to "Groups in common", and if the group is still active, you'll find it there.

    13. Restrict what info people see when they add you on WhatsApp.

    Shayan Roy

    * Click "Settings" on the bottom right of your WhatsApp screen.

    * Click on "Account".

    * Click on "Privacy".

    * Change your "Profile Photo", "About" and "Status" privacy settings to "My Contacts".

    This will prevent anyone with your number from creeping on your WhatsApp info, unless you decide to add them to your contacts.

    14. See who has read your message on a group chat, and when they've read it.

    Shayan Roy

    All you have to do is left-swipe on any message you've sent to a group chat, and you'll get a list of who has read the messages, and at what time. Even if everyone's deactivated their read receipts.

    So talk to people only on groups. Screw those people who deactivate everything.

    15. Prevent photos and videos on WhatsApp from taking over your phone storage (and your goddamn life).

    Shayan Roy

    * Click "Settings" on the bottom right of your WhatsApp screen.

    * Click on "Data and Storage Usage".

    * On the "Media Auto-Download" tab, select "Never" for photos, audio, videos, and documents (or whichever ones you prefer).

    Now, instead of auto-downloading, you can choose which media to download simply by clicking on it when someone sends it to you. This also saves you a shit-ton of data.

    Memorise all these new tricks, and get to textin'!

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