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19 Things Everyone Does On Facebook But Nobody Will Talk About

If only they knew.

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1. Accidentally sent someone a friend request and then tried to play it cool.

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2. Checked in on someone you haven't heard from in years to see if they've become hot yet.

3. Clicked their profile picture, then clicked "left" so you can witness the drastic transformation for yourself.

4. Liked the same things your crush likes so that you have lots in common to talk about.

5. Accidentally liked someone's post from seven years ago and then hid away in shame.

6. Scrolled all the way down someone's timeline to see how they used to type back in 2008.

Especially useful if you have some pesky Grammar Nazis in your squad. You're welcome.
Shayan Roy

Especially useful if you have some pesky Grammar Nazis in your squad. You're welcome.

7. Gone through enough albums to know just how different people look in their profile pictures.


8. Devoured vacation albums the moment they showed up on your timeline, no matter who it is or where they went.

9. Met someone through a friend IRL and then scoured your mutual friends list to find them.


10. If their profile photos are protected, you've gone through their cover photos to see if you can check out their face.

11. Gotten really shifty about using the search bar on Facebook when you're next to someone.

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12. And religiously ensured your browser history is cleaned out too, just in case.


13. Did a double take when someone shares a "Look who's been stalking you" link.


14. Adjusted your work computer's screen just enough for nobody to see you while you stalk someone new.

15. Deactivated your account because the stalking has taken over your life. And then reactivated it two days later.


16. Got caught in the spiral of stalking one person and literally spent hours stalking their friends, and then THEIR friends, and then THEIR cousin's best friend's sister's boyfriend.

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17. Had totally legitimate crushes and daydreams about someone you've only stalked and never met in person.

18. Actually met someone you've stalked, fighting an uphill battle to act surprised with everything they tell you.

19. And obviously, lost count of the number of times you've stalked your own damn self.

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