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    13 Indians Who Need To Delete Tinder Immediately

    You know which way to swipe.

    1. This guy, who needs to keep his mummy out of this entire exchange.

    2. This guy, who doesn't know what a hint is.

    3. Anyone who falls asleep on the keypad while typing their description.

    4. This next-level tease.

    5. Anyone who needs to use caps lock to make an impression.

    6. This guy, who needs a little more hope in his life. And a new optician.

    7. This guy, who should really have held on to the "L-word" a little bit longer.

    8. This coding genius.

    9. This guy, who is making all the wrong jokes and using all the wrong metaphors.

    10. This guy who needs new friends. And a new phone.

    11. This guy, whose bio should just have been, "I love lists. I love video games."

    12. This guy, who's way too picky with who he gives his strawberry to.

    13. And Neelam.

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