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    This Exquisite Piece Of Art In Delhi Will Disappear On May 15

    Like magic.

    The reclusive street artist known only as Daku recently collaborated with St+art India to create this unique installation in Lodhi Colony.

    Instagram user: @daku156 / Via

    Titled "Time Changes Everything", Daku's piece is only visible during the daytime, as the mounted words cast shadows that change with the position of the sun.

    According to St+art India, the piece is only visible between 9:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., and is best viewed at noon, when the shadows are most legible.

    Instagram user: @daku156 / Via

    However, the piece won't be visible after May 15, as the sun won't cast a shadow on the wall until August 15. So get there before it disappears!

    St+art India / Via

    But in case you get there after the 15th, well, I suppose this famous Daku piece would be in order:

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