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These Tea Pickers' Kids Can't Afford Equipment So They Play Golf By Making Their Own Clubs

Say hello to the golfer boys of Chalsa.

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Tourists come to the The Chalsa Polo club to play golf. The children of the tea pickers in the estate serve as caddies for these tourists, and they developed a passion for the game.

Having learnt the nuances of the game, the boys collect wood from the forest nearby, which they use to make their own golf clubs.

Danny Mamik

At the same time, they're trying their best to ensure that they don't get caught by the forest officials for taking the wood.

Danny also says that with the correct infrastructure and adequate support, there is no reason why the Chalsa boys can't go on to become professional golfers someday.

Check out the entire story about the golfer boys of Chalsa by Danny Mamik and Hemanshu Rathod.

Danny Mamik

Danny's video also includes details explaining how you can send equipment for the children of Chalsa, so that they can have their own set of professional golf clubs one day.

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