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Here's How A Little Girl's Sketches Sent One Photographer On An Epic Journey

BRB, crying.

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Gomes tried to find the owner, but failed. So he set off through Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Ladakh with the book. Along the way, he took photographs as a response to the child's drawings.

After travelling extensively for eight months, Gomes found a nurse who worked at the ashram. She told him that the girl was very ill towards the end of her stay. "And the weaker she grew, the more she drew…"

Using Aini's sketches and his photographs, Gomes then decided to make a book cataloguing his experiences. "I've been making hand-made books since my college days," he added.

"When I embarked on this journey in 2011, I started maintaining a diary. It was when I revisited these diary entries, that I felt that this work lends itself to the form of an artist book- something small and intimate."

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