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This Artist Destroyed His Work Instead Of Paying Rs. 10,000 To Move It 10 Feet

"This is a testament to the unions in Kerala... and how they destroy business in this state."

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The recently concluded Kochi Biennale art festival ended on a sour note for the artist who was being charged an exorbitant fee to transport his works away from the festival.

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He says he was asked to cough up Rs. 10,000 for transporting six boxes over a distance of ten feet.

In protest against the labour union which was responsible for the charges, Waswo uploaded a YouTube video of him destroying a few pieces after the festival, throwing some terracotta creations from his exhibition out into the open.


Destroying the works of art was a difficult decision for the artist, but he was driven to the drastic measure by frustration with the red tape that he believes was put in place by the unions.

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