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These Mumbai School Students Self-Published A Mental Health Book To Help Out Youngsters

Looks like the future is in good hands.

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Saumya Sinha, a 12th grade student of the school, told BuzzFeed India how the idea for the book came about.

Saumya Sinha

"In school, there's a lot of pressure to perform on every student. Sometimes, if you're feeling low, people think you might be doing it for attention. Very few students even considered visiting the counsellor, so one day I visited the counsellor and talked about this problem. Initially, we decided that we should hold an assembly to discuss the topic, but a lot of people wanted to be part of it."

"Initially, about 15-20 students would visit the counsellor in a week. Now, over 100 students are talking to the counsellor on a weekly basis," Sinha said.

Saumya Sinha

"The perception of mental illness has somewhat changed since we published the book, and things are slowly getting better," she added.

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