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12 Reasons I Really Miss Sachin Every Time I See Virat Kohli Bat

We’re so lucky to have seen both legends play in one lifetime.

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1. Because whenever Virat Kohli walks in to bat, I get that familiar feeling of reassurance.

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As long as Sachin was not-out, we’d all say, “chalo, there’s still hope”. Now, we’re doing the same with Virat.

2. Because whenever Kohli sends the ball to the fence with a sublime stroke, it almost feels like the Little Master played the shot himself.

4. Because even the experts can't help but agree with me about just how much Kohli reminds them of Tendulkar.

PRAKASH SINGH/AFP / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @ShaneWarne

^This is what Shane Warne, one of the most legendary bowlers of all time, told Tendulkar about Kohli.


5. Because just like with Tendulkar, I have never been able to question Kohli's love for the game.


In 1999, Sachin Tendulkar missed just one match after the death of his father, returning to score a century against Kenya in the World Cup.

Tragically, even Virat Kohli stayed on to score a 90 in a first-class match against Karnataka, despite getting news of his father's death while he was playing.

7. Because I got to watch them both grow up.

Ben Radford / Getty Images ; Stanley Chou / Getty Images

Sachin's ascent to the top wasn't without controversy, with dips in form and ball-tampering allegations. Kohli, too, has had his fair share of media attention due to the hotheadedness he displayed early in his career.

Despite everything, they both overcame their obstacles, and came to embody the gentlemanliness that defines the game.


9. Because we're getting used to being saved by him, always looking to him when the team is under pressure.

If cricket lovers like talking about Sachin's incredible Sharjah innings in 1998, I can't help but bring up Virat's legendary 183 against Pakistan in 2012. Or his blistering 131 off 86 against Sri Lanka. Or his unbelievably cool innings to knock Australia out of the 2016 T20 World Cup. The list goes on.