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This Lego Taj Mahal Took Over 2,000 Hours To Build And Looks Too Goddamn Realistic

Lego Shah Jahan approves.

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To celebrate India's Independence Day, LEGOLAND Dubai released a sneak peek of a freakishly accurate Taj Mahal model created entirely out of Legos.

Robert Redling,cpa

The Lego Taj Mahal will be part of the "Miniland" attraction in the park.

The model, which weighs about 645kg, comprises 2,80,741 Lego bricks, and the amount of detail on the whole thing is just bloody insane.

Robert Redling,cpa

While the original rendition is said to have taken Shah Jahan and his mates about 20 years, this Herculean effort took 2,019 hours. Which is more or less 20 years in Lego years.