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    51 Things That All Symbiosis Pune Kids Know To Be True

    It's not ALL sex, drugs and rock n' roll, you know?

    1. The first thing your family and friends tell you (in differing tones) when you announce you're going to Symbiosis is: "bachke rehna re baba bahut drugs hai udhar."

    2. Getting to Symbiosis and finding out quickly that whoever said that wasn't entirely wrong.

    3. Promising your folks that you won't do anything stupid in Symbiosis EVER. Reneging on your promise within seventy two hours.

    4. Meeting people from all around the country on your first day. And getting REALLY excited if someone speaks the same language as you. #Bros4lyf

    5. Attending every class in your first week of college. Eventually missing every class because 12 PM is too damn early to wake up/ you were high as soon as you woke up.

    6. Eventually combining the two activities and going high for most of your classes.

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    7. Going spick and span to college in your first week, and pretty much wearing the first thing you can find for the rest of your college life.

    8. Getting really intimidated by the exchange students in the first week. Ironically, they were probably as intimidated by you.

    9. Eventually becoming pals with the exchange students and Punefying the shit out of them ("Lebanon? No bro I am from Kalyani Nagar")

    10. Making fun of the tiny bunch of "localite" students because they have a deadline.

    11. But being nice to them most of the time because they get "ghar ka khana" for lunch every day.

    12. Silently berating all the NRI students because come on, those guys have the luxury of the NRI quota. But silently, because you know they buy thoughtful (expensive) gifts on birthdays.

    13. Signing up for a shit ton of extracurricular activities in your first week, but barely ever attending any of them, because what were you thinking?


    14. The seniors trying their very best to rag the freshmen, but falling flat fairly quickly (Arre tu Mumbai se hai?!?! Aaja aaja, apna aadmi hai)

    15. The SB Road campus students theorizing that Viman Nagar is the place for sex, drugs and rock n roll.

    16. The Viman Nagar campus students theorizing that the SB Road campus kids must actually be doing some studying.

    17. (Here's the truth: you're both pretty much the same. More so when you're all drunk out of your minds in the middle of the week, which is quite often)


    18. SB Road campus kids throwing shade at the Viman Nagar campus kids and vice versa, arguing about which campus is better.

    19. Viman nagar kids walking around with a halo of smug because half the SB road are being shifted to Viman Nagar.

    20. Going to the Symbiosis campus in Lavale and ceasing all arguments about which campus is the best (the Lavale campus is on a goddamn hilltop. How can you possibly beat a hilltop?)

    21. The one time all Symbiosis students joyfully come together is to hate on Fergusson College. They didn't even do anything.

    22. Scrambling to attend every single class in the last two weeks of the semester so that you don't get a TNG (Term Not Granted).

    23. Getting really angry in the last two weeks of the semester because wtf, why aren't you having enough classes all of a sudden?

    24. Dreading how many backlogs you got at the end of the exam. If you have less than 5 backlogs, you're an outcast because you study WAY too much.

    25. Taking a bike to college even though it was probably a two minute walk away. Almost always going triply with your roommates.

    26. Eating at Bawarchi and Punjabi Dhaba in Viman Nagar way too often and cursing yourself for it. Ordering another helping of butter chicken in the very same breath.

    27. Going to the NCC Canteen on the SB Road campus for pretty much any occasion. It is run by a badass named Chandu, who has his own Facebook page.

    28. Getting used to Chandu calling you Katrina/Madhuri/Laxmi if you're a girl, and Chunky Pandey if you're a boy.

    29. Going to the Toons Bar on MG Road and shamelessly singing along to Linkin Park and other 90s fare. Becoming an expert in the art of boot 'n rallying.

    30. Throwing up in Toons and paying the 'barf fine'. When you think about it, the 'barf fine' is probably their main source of income.

    31. Going to the High Spirits for Sunday cookouts, Thursday night gigs or just because. Doing this 12 days a week on an average.

    Arjun Rajkishore / Via

    32. But before that, eating at Burger King (the desi version) because it was right next door. Also, a beef burger for 40 bucks OMFG.

    33. Spending the last ten days of the month exclusively on maushi's chai and vada pav. Turning Maggi making into an art as well.

    34. Laughing at Symbiosis Law School kids because they have a uniform. And a 5 year course, the poor, poor children.

    35. Symbiosis Law School kids laughing right back, because they all know who's getting the fat ass pay check after college.

    All India Bakchod / Via

    36. Getting used to everything tasting the same in the canteen because the guys probably used the same masala in everything. "Hey, is this paneer or dry fruit?" #Exaggerate

    37. But still going to the canteen, because munchies + paid for dinner pass = the best days of our lives.

    38. Getting mad at the canteen guy because of him enforcing a two gujabjamun quota. WHO ARE YOU TO DETERMINE MY DAILY GULABJAMUN INTAKE, KIND SIR?!

    39. SSLA (Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts) students constantly being asked to confirm whether their college really is a college, because it sounds too chilled out to be true. Do you guys really have classes on the staircase? :@

    40. Wishing your landlord would allow pets in your apartment. But eventually finding solace in the company of the resident campus dogs- Symba in the SB road campus, and Google in the Viman Nagar campus.

    41. Hating on every soul outside your college during the Annual Symbiosis Football Tournament. (Everything returns to normal after a couple of days, so hate away, guys! (Izzat ka sawaal hai)

    42. Getting really excited for your college fest and working day and night (the only time in your whole college life you do that) to make it a roaring success. Practising your flash mob performance to the tee. And doing it every subsequent year.

    43. Eventually, SCMS UG's Sympulse fest takes the cake every year anyway (boo you guys, you have too much money). Though you have to admit that you had the most fun at Sympulse anyway.

    44. Every college having their own Facebook Confessions page because of which many a relationship turned into a relationshit.

    45. Living in humongous apartments, which means having a party at someone or the other's house almost every day. This also means that the neighbour's complaints increased tenfold. Not that it matters.

    46. Feeling like a boss when your friend from Delhi (who's come down for NH7, obviously) exclaims at how big your three balconies are bhenchod.

    47. When the end of the academic year arrives, and you can't wait to go back home for vacations/ internships. But then the moment you enter your room you find yourself going "Whoa whoa whoa where are my posters. Oh right, they're at home in Pune." :(

    48. "No mom, my friends ate beef but I didn't. No, I didn't smoke or drink either. My friends did though". (Sorry, friends)

    49. Getting all pumped up to go for your graduation ceremony in Lavale, only to realize that every Symbiosis college is getting their degree their same day and its basically "come take degree k bye". In other words, wholesale graduation.

    50. Complaining about college and everything about it the whole time you're there, but crying like a little girl when the time came to leave.

    51. When all is said and done, you will always love Symbiosis because you never had so much fun anywhere else. This was probably the high point of your life. Unless you still have some backlogs. In which case you'll be coming back for a while.

    Sounak Shanky Roy / Via

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