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16 Websites Which Should Really Consider Investing In A New URL

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1. This website that lets you buy new pens if your pen is broken.

PIKSEL / Getty Images

2. The website for the Ferreth & Jobs law firm.

eurobanks / Getty Images

3. This website that contains various works of art.

bibikoff / Getty Images

4. The website for Old Man's Haven cabin rentals.

master1305 / Getty Images

5. The website for the Bitef Art Café in Serbia.

VladimirFloyd / Getty Images

6. The website for KeePass, an easy-to-use online password manager.

mtreasure / Getty Images

7. The website that belongs to real estate broker Greg Sprick.

lisafx / Getty Images

8. This website that helps you plan a trip to North Lake Tahoe.

mihtiander / Getty Images

9. This website that'll tell you all you need to know about the canals in New York City.

panathea / Getty Images

10. The website for the Turbomachinery Institute of Technology & Sciences in India.

~UserGI15633745 / Getty Images

11. This website that sells fishing bait on the world wide web.

NicolasMcComber / Getty Images

12. The website for Dickson data services.

CamiloTorres / Getty Images

13. The website for the Swansea University Canoe Club.

g-stockstudio / Getty Images

14. This website that offers easy hiring solutions.

MangoStar_Studio / Getty Images

15. This website for a scrap metal yard.

Manuel-F-O / Getty Images

16. And this website for Pen Island custom pens.

nito100 / Getty Images

Check out more unfortunate URLs on r/terribledomainnames on Reddit.

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