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15 Tweets That Hit Too Close For Anyone Who's Ever Been Stuck In Traffic In India

They feel your pain.

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1. This completely normal thing that happens.

Biswa Kalyan Rath

2. This double whammy.

Rohan Joshi

3. This unavoidable hurdle.

Girin Nayak/ Facebook: OverlandStories / Via Twitter: @nayakgirin

4. This unnerving possibility.

Akshar Pathak

5. This extreme level of multitasking.

Nanda Kumar / Via Twitter: @nandaceg007

6. This distraction.

@diogeneb / Via Twitter: @diogeneb

7. This justified cynicism.

@bgmahesh / Via Twitter: @bgmahesh

8. This pretty legit explanation.

@ARPtheGooner / Via Twitter: @ARPtheGooner

9. This very shady shortcut.

@anishmatthai / Via Twitter: @anishmatthai

10. This food for thought.

José Covaco

11. This annual bonus round.

Shayan Roy

12. This unspoken rule.

@maheshmanelkar / Via Twitter: @maheshmanelkar

13. This life hack that became too popular for its own good.

S Shekhar Roy

14. This eternal wait.

Chandni Beri

15. And this.

@Kaancha_Cheena / Via Twitter: @Kaancha_Cheena

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