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14 Awfully Awful Jokes You Can Crack On Anyone Whose Last Name Is Roy

Utterly dest-ROY-ed.

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1. Hey, what's your favourite kind of chicken?


2. Hey, why do you like Lorde so much?

She killed it with Roy-als.

3. Hey, you've been looking awfully buff lately.


4. Hey, what's your favourite jam from the 2000's?

Rihanna's "Shut up and D-Roy-ve".

5. Hey, what would you call it if I rolled your family down a hill?

Rolls Roy-ce.

6. Hey, why didn't you get the new iPhone?

You're more of an And-Roy-d person.

7. Hey, why will you never be king?

Because you'll forever be a Vice-Roy.

8. Hey, what's your favourite movie?

9. Hey, do you use a digital camera?

Or do you like Pola-Roy-ds?

10. Hey, what's your favourite Bollywood movie?

Roy. Duh.

11. Hey, whose psychological theories do you believe in?

Sigmund F-Roy-d.

12. Hey, what's your favourite dessert?

13. Hey, why does your butt hurt?


14. How do you feel after reading this post?

Utterly dest-Roy-ed.