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11 Free Apps To Make The Lives Of Indian Students A Whole Lot Easier

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1. TinyOwl (iOS and Android) detects your location and lets you order food from restaurants in the vicinity.

This app also stores your previous orders, so you don't have to waste time typing if you just can't wait for that biryani.

2. Letsintern (Android) helps you land that internship you've always wanted.

This app lets you upload your résumé and interests to connect with potential employers, so searching for a summer internship is now stress-free!


3. AudioNote (iOS and Android) lets you record the audio of your lectures and synchronises it with your notes.

AudioNote's best function is that it lets you click on a word in your notes to go back to that point on the audio recording.

4. Frapp (Android) offers discounts on different brands, exclusively for Indian students.

This app has offers on a number of big brands, including McDonald's, Lakmé Salon, and Hard Rock Café, so that you never go broke in college.

5. Freecharge (iOS and Android) gives you equal value rewards for every recharge you do.

Every time you recharge using the app, you get redeemable offers on over 300 brands equal to the amount of your recharge, so the transaction is practically free.

6. VithU (iOS and Android) is an emergency app that alerts your selected contacts at the click of a button.

Developed by Channel V, this app alerts your designated receivers when you are in trouble, even updating your location every 2 minutes.

7. Alarmy (iOS and Android) ensures you don't miss morning lectures by really waking you the hell up.

This crazy app is an alarm clock that doesn't stop ringing until you get up and take a photo of a previously designated area in your house. Pure genius.


8. BigBasket (iOS and Android) makes grocery shopping easy by delivering it to your doorstep.

It also has a handy feature which automatically adds the orders you shop for most often, every time you log in to buy your groceries.

9. Todoist (iOS and Android) organises your tasks and lets you collaborate with your friends on group projects.

Todoist offers an easy-to-understand interface so your tasks don't get muddled, and it lets you sync your list across all your devices as well.

10. M-indicator (iOS and Android) provides a complete guide to every mode of public transport in Mumbai.

Train & bus timings, auto fares, women's safety & emergency numbers– you name it. This is an essential app to survive in Mumbai, especially if you're new to the city.

11. News in Shorts (iOS and Android) keeps you up to date with news in India within 60 words.

Started by a group of IIT dropouts, this app picks out the most important news from each category and summarises it for you in compact stories.


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