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    This Dude Crowdfunded A Pizza For Himself

    It has finally happened.

    This is Siddhant Dand, he's from Mumbai and he's currently crowdfunding a pizza. He just went over his goal by ₹200.

    Siddhant Dand

    You did it, Siddhant.

    So now he has enough extra cash for some garlic bread and a beverage of his choice.

    You did it, Siddhant.

    Siddhant's pitch is both honest and direct: "I am Siddhant. I am trying to raise funds to buy myself a pizza."

    You really did it, Siddhant.

    BuzzFeed India spoke to Ketto, the crowdfunding site that Siddhant is using to make his pizza dream a pizza reality and they told us that they cannot give Siddhant his cash until his campaign is completed.

    You almost did it, Siddhant.

    47 days. That's ample time to decide what topping you want, Siddhant.

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    This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

    Siddhant Dand / Via BuzzFeed India

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