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15 Indians Who Just Couldn't Stop Winning At Life In 2015

Give prize.

1. This genius, who forever eradicated the infamous dal and raita conflict.

2. This human, who is also a selfie-stick.

3. This woman, who vanquished two-wheeler space constraints.

4. This inventor, who believes his bicycle is a truck because that's all it takes, really.

5. This guy, who's always got an ear for your problems.

6. This wizard, who overcame his lack of a mirror with style and then probably uploaded the video to YouTube.

7. This cool dude, who stayed there all summer long.

8. This creator, who won the award for Best Chair 2015.

9. And the runner up.

10. This bike.

11. This biker.

12. This maverick, who's got the power.

13. This chap, who gave his technological problems the boot.

14. This lady, who pulled a plug on hers.

15. And this guy. (Warning: NSFW dude butt)

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