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16 Reasons Bengalis Are The Most Content People In The World

Man's best friend is dog. Bengali's best friend is FOOD.

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1. Because any preparation of ilish maach is seriously as good as every Bengali swears it is.

2. Because even if you don't like ilish maach (what), you're not going to be able to have just a single helping of rui maach.

3. Because no matter what your favourite type of fish is, a plate of maach bhaat will never ever, ever ever go wrong.

4. Because even if you're Bengali and vegetarian (what), we've got you covered with this irresistible aloo posto.

5. Because even if you're not big on seafood, there ain't no way you can say no to this chingri malai curry.

6. Because someone, somewhere invented the paturi and that person deserves a Nobel Prize or something.

7. Because this flawless plate of kosha mangsho exists.

8. Because only a Bengali understands the simple joy of eating some homemade begun bhaja.

9. Because this daab chingri looks freakin' flawless. And yes, it tastes as good as it looks.

10. Because luchi and aloor dum is basically the gastronomical equivalent of a happy marriage.

11. Because having mangshor jhol with your bhaat on a daily basis isn't just acceptable, it is highly encouraged.

12. Because if mangshor jhol ain't spicy enough for you, this kancha lonka murgi will literally make you cry happy tears.

13. Because even if the kancha lonka murgi proves to be too much, this rosogolla will calm your turbulent soul.

14. Because if you're oscillating between a rosogolla and some mishtidoi, you can totally have both together and everything will be just fine.

15. Because you can have this shondesh, even if you're full to the brim, and nobody will ever judge you.

16. And because the best part of any Bengali meal is the debilitating food coma that comes afterwards.

Now you'll know why taking a long nap after every delicious, satisfying meal is a completely okay thing for a Bengali.

Bhukkad ho to Bengali jaisa.

Say it with pride.