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13 Shops I Never, Ever Want To Visit

"Shoplifters will be prostituted."

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1. This store, which is ironically the last place you'd expect to find a Gandhi t-shirt.

2. This dangerous reptile business moonlighting as a confectionary outlet.

3. The shop which falsely promises to turn you from bald Jensen Ackles to regular type Jensen Ackles.

4. The shop with this unnecessarily aggressive security measure.

5. This overtly sexual joint.

6. This store with a questionable array of goods.

7. The shop which offers these services.

8. This store that gets too comfortable too soon.

9. This fake-ass McDonald's outlet.

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10. This bizarre service which offers to purchase your used paper, and your hole?

11. This shop which probably has some heavy-ass flowers.

12. This place that offers sweet bowel as dessert.

13. And this.