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    Posted on 30 Oct 2015

    11 Brilliant Outfits Every Man Needs To See Before Shaadi Season

    Wait, who's the groom again?

    1. Who says men have limited options during shaadi season? Check out this innovative use of the dupatta.

    2. Thinking about whether you should spice up your look with a cool printed kurta? The answer is YES.

    3. If you don't want to be too adventurous, try colour blocking for the same effect.

    4. In fact, you're almost never going to go wrong with a dapper Nehru Jacket.

    5. This look also works great with contrasting shades.

    6. Or you could break the clutter altogether with a chill dhoti.

    7. A simple blazer with your traditional get up will ensure you're wearing the best of both worlds.

    8. Or you could ditch the blazer and just keep the pocket square for this sleek, minimalist look.

    9. Don't want to try something too out-of-the-box? Maybe you should indulge in the drape kurta.

    10. You might think jeans are a complete no-no. Not if you get yourself a well-fitting pair for this amazing hybrid look.

    11. Or if you just want to keep it simple, the good old combo of the classic kurta and pajama will never disappoint.

    Now go out there and be the talk of the wedding!

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