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    This Guy Exchanged Places With Rickshaw Puller In The Searing Delhi Heat

    All is not lost.

    Rohit Varghese, a Delhi-based radio jockey, wanted to learn how excruciating it is to be a rickshaw puller in the New Delhi heat.

    Rohit Varghese

    The temperature in New Delhi touched an alarming 47 Cº last Wednesday.

    Varghese even asked the rickshaw puller to be his passenger, giving him his sunglasses, and wearing a "gamchha" on his head to gear up.

    Rohit Varghese

    Within a few hundred metres, Varghese was sweating profusely, had run out of water, and was almost hit by a DTC bus.

    Rohit Varghese

    He was shocked to find out the rickshaw puller carries no water, as the soaring temperatures result in the water heating up very fast.

    Rohit Varghese

    As a result, the rickshaw puller said he only refills the water bottle when he feels thirsty, and consumes it immediately.

    After the experience, Varghese got his new friend a brand new flask, and made a plea for everyone to be kinder to rickshaw drivers.

    Rohit Varghese

    "They don't complain for a second. They deserve much much more than what they are getting", Varghese told BuzzFeed.

    Rohit Varghese

    "Even if ONE person who takes the rickshaw daily, stops cribbing over ₹5-10 after watching this video, I'll be happy", he added.

    Watch the full video here:

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