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    Some Goofs Invented A Game Called "Potball" That Will Revolutionise Your Parties


    Potball is a new sport invented in Bangalore in 2015. And it all started with a few bored dudes, a small ball and a laundry bag.

    Devansh Mathur

    The game has a simple set of rules, but as creator Devansh Mathur explains, all you really need is a small ball, and something to "pot" or kick that ball into.

    Devansh Mathur

    If you want to go all out, you need a space that's 20 ft. x 12 ft. in size, with teams of two on either side, trying to pot the ball in the centre of the court.

    Davansh Mathur / Via BuzzFeed India

    There is a service line in each half, and both teams have three touches to try and pot the ball. No player can touch the ball consecutively, and if the ball crosses over at any point, it's the opposing team's turn.

    The game can be played up to 20 points, with a side change whenever a team reaches 10 points.

    You can literally have a full-blown, intense potball tournament with just a little bit of space and a few friends.

    Devansh Mathur

    But if you're ever holed in at home because of these goddamn monsoons, you can set up a game in your living room just as easily.

    Devansh Mathur

    The inventors of the game claim that it is already being played in 4 countries, and is fast gaining popularity.

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    Follow the creators of the new sport on Facebook, and get to potballin' already!

    Devansh Mathur

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