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15 Indians Who Didn't Make The Spelling Bee

H/t: R.I.P English

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A lot of people have this notion that Indians are very good at spelling words, and for good reason.

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We're not sure why that is.

A lot of kids around the world do, indeed, make us proud with their spelling prowess.

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Alex Wong / Getty Images

But, just so we stay humble, here are a few Indians who didn't quite qualify for the spelling bee.


1. This entrepreneur of the testis tests in town.

2. This champion, whose bumper message is deeper than yours.

3. This nice soul who just wants you to enjay your childe.

4. This guy who is selling branded gents at highly competitive prices.

5. Whoever came up with these questionable instructions.

6. This inventor of edible footwear.

7. This caterer who is famous for his mango seck.

8. This person, who's vocabulary is a bit...difrant.

9. This resnable loundry guy.

10. This guy, who takes care of his children only after the sun goes down.

11. This store's owner, known around town for having the best grosaries and catleri.

12. This person who doesn't want you to encourage baggers.

13. This master of spices and sarces.

14. This overly excited electronics dealer.

15. And this...umm.....this.

You were so close.