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17 Priceless Desi Pranks To Pull On Your Friends On April Fool's

Bura na maano, April Fool's hai.

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7. On the same note, tell your parents you're engaged. Or worse, expecting a child.

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Every Indian parent's worst nightmare. Unless, of course, your profile came through.


14. Add some red food colouring to a tube of Fevicol, and splatter it on someone's front door to make it look like a paan spit stain.

Kaustuv Bhattacharya / Via Flickr: astrolondon

You can peel the Fevicol off the door after the prank. Just don't forget about it and let it stay for days. Then it isn't coming off.

15. Use the Flipkart gift-wrap option to send your friend a surprise gift, but gift them something utterly terrible and useless. / Via

Like this Hello Kitty pencil case, for example. Make sure you know who you're gifting very well, so that they hate it without fail.

16. Scare your friends with a fake pataka and watch them run for their lives.

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Making one of your own is quite simple. Get creative!