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    This Guy Makes The Most Insane Silhouettes Cut Out Of Paper

    How to rock paper & scissors.

    Parth Kothekar is an Ahmedabad-based artist who creates these mind-blowing silhouettes cut out of paper.

    Kothekar, who calls the project Papercut Artworks, uses nothing but a pencil and a paper-cutting knife to carve out these exquisite pieces of art.

    "I did my first solo exhibition last October. Until then it was a hobby, but the response made me take it up full time," Kothekar told BuzzFeed India.

    "I have been putting up my work online since I started two years ago, and the response has always been overwhelming," he added.

    Speaking about his inspirations, Kothekar said, "I don't have any favourite artist in particular. I like to keep working and make something I haven't done before."

    Kothekar said that one of his personal favourites is this dragonfly.

    Kothekar also creates beautiful pendants and other types of jewellery out of his artworks.

    Check out Kothekar's work on Facebook, and buy his artworks on Etsy.

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