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Posted on 20 Sep 2016

13 Products Under ₹1,000 That Twentysomething Indian Women Will Be Tempted To Buy Immediately

Ladies, prepare to be broke AF but still feel oddly satisfied because LOOK AT ALL THIS STUFF.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

Amazon has a list of cool products called “Movers and Shakers”, which is essentially a list of stuff that's currently ~trending~.

This week, we scoured the depths of Amazon to bring you a list of stuff that every twentysomething Indian woman could use in their lives. AND they are all under ₹1,000. The list includes a lot of nifty little products that will revolutionise your world, changing everything from your beauty routine to the way you store your shampoo. There are some really cool things for our health-conscious readers, BUT ALSO for those ladies who love to snack. Take your pick!

1. This fruit-infusing water bottle that makes drinking healthy, flavoured beverages a whole lot easier (₹327).

Most Promising Review: "Perfect product for the purpose of infusion. Quality is excellent , it's easy to clean and it's worth the price." – Simran Gupta

Get it here.

2. This amazing travel kit for your toiletries that lets you pack your own shampoo, lotions and cosmetics (₹649).

Most Promising Review: "The bottles are so cute and perfect for a short 1-2 day trip as well as a 2 week long one. There are even pumps and funnels to help you transfer your favourite shampoo, body wash or face wash into the bottles." – SR

Get it here.

3. This bag of 200 elastic hairbands, because you've ruminated over lost hairbands too much for one lifetime (₹125).

Most Promising Review: "Its a good product and its worth the buy. It's flexible and wont break off easily." – Gayathri R. Pisharody

Get it here.

4. This compact hair dryer with two speed selections (including turbo dry) that comes in three different colours (₹662).

Most Promising Review: "The Panasonic hair dryer is worth the money spent on it. It does not have a nozzle that most other hair dryers or the bigger ones do, but it is good and compact." – Amresh Singh

Get it here.

5. This incredible box full of accessories for you to make your own goddamn jewellery with (₹399).

Most Promising Review: "The quality of the items in the kit is good, although the kit contains assembled items. I mean the seller has bought all the items separately and then packed it to make kit." – Amazon Customer

Get it here.

6. This refreshing mandala-colouring book for you to de-stress whenever the hell you wish to (₹200).

Most Promising Review: "Very stress relieving, love it. The paper is thick, but I don't think it would withstand water or pen colouring. I'm using Camlin colour pencils, so there is no problem with smudging." – Shyma

Get it here.

7. This affordable premium eyelash curler that'll make your eyes look like a million bucks (₹152).

Most Promising Review: "This is the best curler for beginners. It opens up your eyes and they look fabulous after a generous coat of mascara. Totally in love with it. Totally worth it." – Tara

Get it here.

8. This trendy round-neck star printed t-shirt that is made from 100% cotton (₹399).

Most Promising Review: "I loved this top. It is a perfect fit as described (I ordered the medium one). The colours are the same as seen in the picture. The quality of material is also at par." – Nasrin Khatri

Get it here.

9. This caramel-flavoured nutrition drink that's custom-made for women to help nourish their bones (₹265).

Most Promising Review: "My grandmother could see a noticeable difference in her knee pain after consuming this for a month and hence I order it regularly for her over Amazon. Good for people with a Vitamin D deficiency." – Supriya Kanderi

Get it here.

10. This handy little shaver that can be used anywhere from your legs to your underarms (₹330).

Most Promising Review: "I am finding it handy. Shaves pretty good. Gets even the small and fine hair in the underarms." – Sapna Balan

Get it here.

11. This pack of pouch sealers in three different sizes, so you can snack for hours without worrying about anything going stale (₹139).

Most Promising Review: "I ordered these kitchen clips since this was the best value for money I could find. I received these a few days back. They're quite colourful, and I like that they are of three different sizes." – Letzbreakit

Get it here.

12. This pretty little 2-layer vanity box that's perfect for storing all your jewellery while you travel (₹899).

Most Promising Review: "The vanity box is pretty good looking and also quite durable. I dropped it twice from a table and it's still in one piece. The lock is also good and you get 2 keys along with it." – Faiz Ansari

Get it here.

13. This easy-to-use menstrual cup for women under 30 that can last up to ten years (₹600).

Most Promising Review: "Silky Cup is an excellent product. It is reusable upto 10 years. I don't have to stuff my garbage can with non-biodegradable feminine hygiene products. The odour problem in pads is also eliminated here. The best is the pad-free night experience. I woke up this morning with a smile on my face." – Toshini

Get it here.

To see what else is trending on Amazon India, check out its Movers and Shakers section!

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