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11 Products Under ₹1,500 That Every Fitness Freak Will Want In Their Lives

Gain some gainz without monetary painz.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

Amazon has a list of cool products called “Movers and Shakers” which is a collection of stuff that's currently ~trending~.

This week, we scoured the Movers and Shakers list for the best value-for-money fitness products on Amazon India. We found a lot of cool stuff, like a pack-in-your-bag gym set, a fitness tracker for under ₹1,000, and even a cycling kit that you can use from your bed. So plug in your new sports headphones, stash your yoga ropes in your new gym bag, put those excuses away and GET OUT THERE! IT'S FITNESS TIME!!!


1. These in-ear sports headphones, designed for people on the go (₹616).

Most Promising Review: "The earpiece sits on the entrance to the earhole but not inside, making it amazingly comfortable but also lets some ambient noise in. The sound quality is what you would expect from earphones at this range, but when you are running, the sweat does not enter the speaker area and hence they have lasted more than six months for me." – Mohan Phadnis

Get it here.

2. This home gym kit that you can literally pack into a bag and take with you (₹533).

Most Promising Review: "You have to estimate your level of stretch and set limits before exercising, otherwise it will break. If you try too hard more than its threshold it will definitely break. It's working fine since I purchased. Its been more than 4 months now. Good workout for the abs. Even if it breaks at one end, there is this top-like thing inside the rubber which you can put inside the rubber to start using once again." – Amazon Customer

Get it here.

3. This multipurpose jogging armband that'll keep your phone and your keys safe (₹299).

Most Promising Review: "I am using it for the last few months with a 5.5" phone, and it does its job. The touch works over the plastic cover. It is packed from the front, and has a slit at the back to slide the phone in. For short runs, it is safe. But be careful on long runs, as the sweat can easily enter into it." – Viraj Anand

Get it here.

4. This fruit infusion bottle for you to take your health drink pretty much everywhere (₹270).

Most Promising Review: "The bottle serves the purpose of fruit infusion. I bought it for making and taking my detox water to work. The price could have been less. And also, you also need to be careful, and not drop the bottle, as it might crack." – Amazon Customer

Get it here.

5. This 100% cotton yoga mat that comes in a bunch of colours (₹699).

Most Promising Review: "This is one of the best purchases I had from Amazon! I wanted to purchase a jute/cotton yoga mat as I am on a no plastic-PVC vow. This was the best at this price bracket, I searched through many websites and ultimately zeroed on this. Great product." – Amazon Customer

Get it here.


6. This set of exercise ropes that'll help you take your yoga game to the next level (₹555).

Most Promising Review: Good product. Sufficient rope length.

However, while the two ropes are passed over pulleys, the rope tied to the window grill is directly connected to the triangular metal piece. This makes it vulnerable to be cut into by the metal. The design can be modified to avoid this problem." – Rajeeva

Get it here.

7. This mini-bike peddler that allows you to exercise from your bed when you're injured or sick (₹1,474).

Most Promising Review: "I was diagnosed with a knee problem recently, and was advised by the doctor to cycle on a stationary cycle everyday to overcome my pain & inflammation, and to strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee. I use this cycle everyday for ten minutes, and my knee pain has lessened by 80%. I sit on a chair or on the bed and use it. Its very easy to use." – Ayesha

Get it here.

8. This exercise ball which acts as a stress buster and also claims to provide therapeutic relief (₹189).

Most Promising Review: "The gel ball exerciser was recommended for my wife and therefore I bought it for her. It is a good product, the only drawback she faces is that it became a bit sticky after some time. It can be cleaned with soap and water." – Rajeshwar Prasad

Get it here.

9. These running shoes, which look like a good bet if you're looking to get some running gear for the first time (₹1,249).

Most Promising Review: "The shoes are good. They are light, although I was used to wearing lighter shoes before. I would say that they do take some time initially to get adjusted to your feet. Recommended for running, but first let it adjust to your feet first. Looks good, and is a value-for-money product." – Rahul Shah

Get it here.

10. This relatively inexpensive fitness tracker and sleep monitor which connects to your smartphone (₹999).

Most Promising Review: "I would recommend this tracker if you're getting into the fitness tracker game for the first time. For the price, it's seriously great. It over-calculates the activities we do, but on the flip side, it does so very consistently. Other than that, it's pretty good." – Yash

Get it here.

11. And this spacious gym bag for you to keep all your newfound equipment in (₹205).

Most Promising Review: "Happy with the bag and quality for this price. But the description says the length of the bag is 49 centimetres, while the actual length is 46 centimetres. Everything else is great" – Naresh

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Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

To see what else is trending on Amazon India, check out its Movers and Shakers section!


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