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22 Things Every Indian Man Did As A Boy But Probably Forgot About

One tip, one hand.

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1. Getting really excited about your first G.I.Joe, only to end up making it pull some bizarre poses.

2. Eagerly waiting for diwali so you could unleash these babies.

3. Or just going all out and tormenting your friends with these bad boys, throughout the year.

4. Or just straight up wrecking everyone's daily lives with one of these.

5. Opening up the newspaper in the morning for one reason only.

6. And being really pissed off that Sunday morning art class clashed with this show on TV.


7. Sneakily tuning into the channels you weren't allowed to watch when your parents weren't home.

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8. Spending too many hours at a cyber cafe and getting scary good at Counter Strike.

9. Being really proud of your card collections.

10. And even having a stash of these for no goddamn reason.

11. And being thoroughly confused at the advice on the back of these cards.

12. Making sure everyone was there right on time for the evening game of cricket, even if it meant a lot of hollering.

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13. Playing this game instead of tossing a coin to decide which team gets to bats first.

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14. But making sure nobody messed up your special light-up shoes.

15. Having your own set of rules while playing cricket, like "one tip one hand", "six and out", and "first ball trial".

16. And always being reluctant to be the one to have to get the ball back once it flew over the dreaded wall.

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17. Hanging a cricket ball in a sock and perfecting your "strokeplay" on rainy days.

18. Taking part in some embarrassing dance routine on "annual day".

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19. Playing the living hell out of these games, and just going through tons of these as you wrecked the batteries.

20. But sometimes, satisfying your gaming urges by simply spending hours trying to get this right.

21. Always relying on this flawless life hack.

22. And collecting countless Britannia wrappers to score a World Cup ticket, but ending up with that freakin' booklet about facts. Every damn time.