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    32 Photos That Show How Different North India And South India Are

    It's probably all the child beer.

    1. Summer in South India:

    Summer in North India:

    Gunjan Hans / Via Twitter: @billi_on_hajj

    2. Commuting in South India:

    Vidhi Luniya / Via

    Commuting in North India:

    3. Beverages in South India:

    Beverages in North India:

    Arif Khan / Via Twitter: @arifkhan7

    4. Celebrity crushes in South India:

    Jemal Countess / Getty Images

    Celebrity crushes in North India:

    RAJESH JANTILAL/AFP / Getty Images

    5. Politicians in South India:


    Politicians in North India:

    Gaurav Mahajan / Via Twitter: @iGauravMahajan

    6. Drinking in South India:

    Drinking in North India:

    Marta Camerowska / Via

    7. DJs in South India:

    The Humming Tree/ Ketan Bahirat / Via Facebook: thehummingtree

    DJs in North India:

    8. Road signs in South India:

    Road signs in North India:

    9. Movie posters in South India:

    Eros International

    Movie posters in North India:

    Twitter: @susritas / Via Twitter: @susritas

    10. Train stations in South India:

    Aroushka D’Mello

    Train stations in North India:

    Parul Tyagi / Via

    11. Exams in South India:

    Exams in North India:

    Anees Ahmed Khan / Via Twitter: @anees115

    12. Schools in South India:

    Schools in North India:

    13. Shopping in South India:

    MANJUNATH KIRAN/AFP / Getty Images

    Shopping in North India:

    14. Police in South India:

    Police in North India:

    15. Wildlife in South India:

    Wildlife in North India:

    16. Weddings in South India:

    Olaf Nitz / Via Flickr: undinger

    Weddings in North India:

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