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12 Reasons Maggi Should Absolutely Be Banned Immediately

#PlateLicking, for starters.

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A lot of people have taken to social media to talk about how Maggi Noodles might be banned in India. Here's why that might actually be a good thing:

1. First of all, EVERYONE loves Maggi. Who needs something sooo mainstream?

Remember the time when only YOU had heard of Maggi?

Oh, wait. That was never.

2. Also, Maggi is putting dishwashing companies out of business.

Everyone licks the plate or bowl enough that there is literally no more Maggi left on it. This can not be good for the economy.

3. There are too many unforgettable childhood memories attached to Maggi.


4. That satisfying slurping sound you make with each bite of Maggi must be so irritating to those around you.

*shloop shloop*

Maggi is just the bane of table manners and etiquette.

5. If Maggi continues to exist, we will continue to eat it ALL THE DAMN TIME. It's food anarchy.

Need a quick breakfast? Maggi.

Lunch wasn't appetising enough? Maggi.

3 a.m. and you're not getting sleep? Maggi.

6. There are too many choices.

Masala Maggi for those who like it old school.

Vegatable Multigrainz for the health conscious.

Cuppa Mania for those too lazy to cook.


7. It takes the focus away from your evening chai.

Sure, nothing goes as good with your evening tea, but do you really want to ignore something as revered as your steaming hot cup of chai?

8. Actually, it takes the focus away from anything around you at that point.

Good luck trying to hold a conversation while your face is buried in your gigantic bowl of Maggi.

This is the stuff that ruins friendships.

9. That phenomenal masala turns us all into savage finger-licking animals.

Banning it is the only way to restore our manners.

10. And it's so frickin' easy to make, it's spoiling us for all other food. So quick, so easy, AND SO GOOD?

Unless it's banned, why would we take the time and effort to ever cook anything else?

11. There's way too much room for innovation.

Fried Maggi? Check.

American Chopsuey Maggi? Check.

Four Cheese Maggi in a Basket? CHECK.

How can you trust any food with this much versatility?!?!?!?! There must be a catch.

12. And finally, it's just too freakin' tasty for your own good.

Seriously, we're all better off without our scrumptious bowl of Maggi every damn day.