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The Pretentious Movie Review Of "Kya Kehna" Asks All The Right Questions About Sex Education

Starring Anupam Kher as "dad", Preity Zinta as "bubbly girl" and Chandrachur Singh as "also there".

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Comedians Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyan Rath just dropped the latest in their series of "Pretentious Movie Reviews". This time, they rip Kya Kehna a new one.

Pretentious Movie Reviews

They ask many important questions about the movie, including how Bollywood perceives sex...

Pretentious Movie Reviews

... And how Saif Ali Khan perceives gravity.

Pretentious Movie Reviews

Spoiler: Here be cameos. Lots of cameos.

Pretentious Movie Reviews

Watch the hilarious review here:

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