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    15 Insane Facts About India That Sound Very Wrong, But Are Actually True

    Did you know that Indians are responsible for half the whiskey consumed on the entire planet?!!?!?

    1. The amount of steel wire used in the Bandra-Worli Sealink is equivalent to the total circumference of the earth.

    2. Last year, over 1.3 million students appeared for the IIT-JEE Exams in one day. That's over twice the population of Iceland.

    NOAH SEELAM/AFP / Getty Images

    3. The samosa did NOT originate in India.

    Flickr: sstrieu

    It is believed to have originated in the Middle East before the 10th century, and was first introduced to India around the 13th or 14th century.

    4. The air that children in Delhi breathe is 4 times more toxic than the permitted amount.

    Greenpeace / Via

    5. TECHNICALLY, it's still illegal to purchase alcohol in Mumbai, according to the 1949 Prohibition Act.

    PAL PILLAI/AFP / Getty Images

    6. The flight distance from Kolkata to Bangkok is less than the distance between Mumbai and Kolkata.

    A flight from Kolkata to Bangkok is 1614 kilometres, while Kolkata to Mumbai is 1658 kilometres.

    7. Snapdeal isn't just the name of an Indian company, but also that of an actual village in Uttar Pradesh.

    8. Football club Mohun Bagan is older than a number of prestigious European clubs, including Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich, PSG and Liverpool.

    DIPTENDU DUTTA/AFP / Getty Images

    9. Before its 2011 renovation, Kolkata's Salt Lake Stadium was actually the 2nd largest football stadium in the entire world.


    10. Murshidabad, a city in West Bengal, has made it mandatory for all cattle to possess photo IDs, to prevent smuggling of cows across the Bangladesh border.

    SAM PANTHAKY/AFP / Getty Images

    11. India has more post offices than anywhere in the entire world, including a floating one in Kashmir.

    12. During the 2008 Mumbai attacks, after he opened fire in the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, terrorist Ajmal Kasab was also charged for not having a train ticket whilst on the railway station.

    Uriel Sinai / Getty Images

    13. In 2015, a nationwide competition about the Bhagwad Gita, the holy book of Hinduism, was won by a Muslim girl called Maryam Siddiqui.

    14. The cost of building Antilla, Mukesh Ambani's Mumbai residence, is estimated to have cost more than the construction of England's Wembley Stadium.

    Mike Hewitt / Getty Images

    15. And Indians are responsible for half the whiskey consumption on earth.

    SLB Films / Via Imaan Sheikh

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