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Posted on 22 Mar 2017

17 Ridiculously Satisfying Things You Need If You Like Making Life Easier

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1. This tea infuser ball that lets you brew your chai with ease (₹399).

Get it here for ₹399.

2. This bag which also doubles up as a closet hanger for all your goddamn stuff (₹6,930).

Get it here for ₹6,930.

3. This car seat dining tray so you can enjoy your favourite hobby on the road too (₹299).

Get it here for ₹299.

4. This nifty little tool to make sure you never have tangled earphones again (₹190).

Get it here for ₹190.

5. This UV toothbrush sanitiser you didn't know you needed (₹3,500).

Get it here for ₹3,500.

6. This speaker-cum-light which changes colours and mood with the music (₹1,349).

Get it here for ₹1,349.

7. This clever wire bin that neatly encloses all the pesky wires in sight (₹579).

Get it here for ₹579.

8. This pack-n-roll shopping cart which is what a Transformer would look like if it were a shopping cart (₹2,699).

Get it here for ₹2,699.

9. This amazing "droplet" which lets you store dirty or wet clothes in it while travelling (₹1,050).

Get it here for ₹1,050.

10. This key-holder which is too cute to ignore when you get home every day (₹899).

Get it here for ₹899.

11. This futuristic toothpick dispenser because picking teeth really can't wait (₹499).

Get it here for ₹499.

12. This 30-piece screwdriver kit with everything a handyman could possibly need (₹415).

Get it here for ₹415.

13. This inexpensive toy you can use to spirograph all your stress away (₹292).

Get it here for ₹292.

14. This minimalist wallet that battles the menace of pocket bulge for you (₹3,290).

Get it here for ₹3,290.

15. This shelved organiser that you can hang in your closet (₹949).

Get it here for ₹949.

16. This pretty desk organiser to keep your socks and stuff neatly tucked away (₹2,452).

Get it here for ₹2,452.

17. This organiser to keep your kitchen cleaning equipment looking as good as new (₹295).

Get it here for ₹295.

To see other cool products you'll like, check out the Movers and Shakers section of Amazon India!

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