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This Indian Classical Version Of The "Harry Potter" Soundtrack Will Blow Your Goddamn Mind

The feels express pulling into Platform 9 3/4 right now.

The Indian Jam Project just dropped what is probably their most ambitious effort yet– a bewitching rendition of the soundtrack from the "Harry Potter" movies.

Tushar Lall

They used the keyboards, tabla, sarangi, flute, santoor and violin to weave what is arguably the most haunting version of the famous soundtrack by composer John Williams.

The musicians covered some of the most memorable scores from the movie series, and it is guaranteed to make you feel things.

Tushar Lall

By the time they get to "The Epilogue - Leaving Hogwarts", you'll be a helpless heap of tears wondering why it ever had to end.

So stop being a dumbass muggle and listen to the hauntingly beautiful rendition right now:

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