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    30 Jul 2015

    A Redditor Asked People What They See Out Of Their Window And The Responses Proved India Is Stunning

    What's outside YOUR window? H/t: this Reddit thread.

    It all started when Reddit user s18m posted this photo to the subreddit r/india.

    s18m / Via

    The image was accompanied by this caption: "Got pretty interesting outside my window. What's outside your window, /r/India?"

    Indians began responding with pictures of some amazingly scenic views.

    arun84 / Via

    Some users posted images of the typical big city high-rises, with the monsoon looming in the background...

    wamov / Via

    ... While others sent in quaint, picturesque images from the more rural parts of India.

    Guru420 / Via

    A lot of the images were simply breathtaking, like this sunset from Guwahati, Assam.

    mujhe_aadhar_do / Via

    And this panoramic view from Goregaon, Mumbai.

    arun84 / Via

    Look! A double rainbow!

    diamondjim / Via

    You can't help but admit this country strikes a pretty pose.

    adarsh_balak / Via

    At the end of the day, this image from the orchards of Himachal Pradesh was the clear winner, with the most upvotes.

    kartoos / Via

    Looks beautiful, don't you think?

    P.S.: Someone please get my man here a goddamn window already. :(

    Poor guy's missing out on the good shit.

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