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This Adorable Toddler Singing Ed Sheeran Is All Of Us On Karaoke Night

*drinks too much* *turns into infant rockstar*

This incredibly cute kid singing along to Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" is going to have you awwww-ing instantly.

Via Facebook: LADbible

It will also probably remind you of the last time you tried your hand at karaoke while being totally wasted.

Apparently, the kid is good enough to tell that the guitar is "out of tune."

Via Facebook: LADbible

We all love thorough professionals.

You'll soon realize that the guy who's actually singing in the video is quite good too.

In fact, he was good enough for some people to think it was Ed Sheeran himself.

Go ahead! Watch the adorable cover right here!

Facebook: video.php

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