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11 Words You Only Know Because Of Indian Advertising

And why you would never use them in a sentence.

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2. Ghamoriyaan

Definition: A rash developed from sweating far more than usual.

Where we've heard it: Those Dermi Cool ads that mark the beginning of every summer.

In a sentence: "Hate that snooty bitch. Hope she gets ghamoriyaan all through June."

3. Garbh-nirodhak

Definition: Birth control.

Where we've heard it: Countless condom ads and PSAs stressing on how much of a pain in the ass babies can be.

In a sentence: "Your mother should have used garbh-nirodhak that night, you thankless imbecile."


7. Jadi-booti

Definition: Herbs.

Where we've heard it: Ads for Ayurvedic products claiming to be infused with the goodness of nature.

In a sentence: "Do you have some jadi-booti on you? I feel like getting blazed."

8. Kitaanu

Definition: Bacteria.

Where we've heard it: Soap and bathroom cleaner ads (none of which ever seem to wipe out 100% bacteria).

In a sentence: "This goddamn train has more people in it than my commode has kitaanu."


9. Ediyaan

Definition: Heels.

Where we've heard it: Krack cream ads which used to swarm our television sets to stress the important of smooth heels.

In a sentence: "You have a nice smile and a lovely personality, but I just can't get enough of your flawless ediyaan."

10. Keel-muhase

Definition: Acne & blackheads.

Where we've heard it: The Vicco Turmeric Ayurvedic Cream ads, of course! Don't say you haven't sung the whole jingle at least once in your life.

In a sentence: "You so ugly, I could play connect the dots with your keel-muhase."

11. Dhumrapaan

Definition: Cigarette consumption.

Where we've heard it: Anti-smoking PSAs before movies, where the guy who stubs his cigarette goes on to lead a happy, stress-free life.

In a sentence: "I'm tired of this presentation. Anybody wanna take a dhumrapaan break?"