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This Street Artist Is Singlehandedly Changing The Face Of Pune

Thanks to him, the locality of Kasba Peth in Pune now has a "Kryptonite Cucumber."

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Meet Harshvardhan Kadam, who also goes by the alias "Inkbrushnme".

Harshvardhan is a Pune based "urban artist", who likes to travel, make murals and dabble in digital art.

Harshvardhan is the man responsible for starting Pune's first ever "Street Art Project", back in 2012.

Harshvardhan Kadam / Via

This is a photo from his website, containing a street art piece from 2012, along with a short note about the event.

This month, Harshvardhan curated the second edition of the project, joining hands with artists from India as well as around the world.

Along with 18 other artists, Harshvardhan's Street Art Project took over the neighbourhood of Kasba Peth in Pune.

Here are a few other fantastic pieces from the 2015 edition of the Pune Street Art Festival.

This wonderful piece was made by Australian artist Krilly Moon Snail.

Check out more of her work here.

This insanely cool piece was done by American artist Miles Toland.

Pick yourself up an original Toland right here.

This one here is from Vitae Viazi, a Russian street art crew.

You can view their other projects on their Facebook page.

All hail the great "Kryptonite Cucumber", made by Note, an artist from Berlin, Germany.

And this "playful piece", as Harshvardhan likes to call it, was done by Guru, a homegrown artist from Pune.

Harsh started his graphic design studio after completing his Masters degree. After working for a while and saving up, he decided to go travelling.

"I started doing street art when I began collaborating with other artists for live paintings and other such projects during my travels," Harsh told Buzzfeed India over a phone call. "When you see your work projected on that scale, the impact is completely different."

Chatting with Harsh, it becomes clear that he simply loves Pune. He specifically chose the neighbourhood of Kasba Peth to make the best use of its charming old architecture.

"Also, Pune has always had a lot of conservative art forms, but the scene is opening up now," he adds. "In fact, after I started the project, a lot of likeminded artists started reaching out to me. Not just from Pune, but from all over the country."

The Pune Street Art Project's core belief is to help artists make better pieces by providing them with context about the spaces they're using.

"I'm trying to push artists to think about spaces from a different perspective. Geographical location and political mindset are just some of the things that need to be considered. If you draw something that the people can't relate to, that work of art is meaningless."


Harsh says he is very pleased with the positive response to the project, from artists and the public alike.

"The response from the public was super overwhelming", says Harsh. "From 60 year olds sipping chai and watching us paint, to local kids bringing us food and taking us to their homes, everyone was extremely hospitable".

If you're in Pune, you can find all the pieces of the Pune Street Art Festival by referring to this map.

Inkbrushnme / Via

Go on an adventure today, people of Pune!

Or if you're a resident of Kasba Peth, just take a casual stroll, you lucky punks.

This country needs more artists like you, Inkbrushnme. Keep on keepin' on.

Follow Inkbrushnme's Pune Street Art Project on Instagram & Facebook, or simply go to his website to check out his impressive collection!