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These Comedians Have Some Very Important Things To Say To Aspiring IIT Students

"You may think your parents don't really care, but they will be devastated if you're gone."

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East India Comedy's latest edition of EIC Outrage deals with the alarming number of student suicides in India, specifically in the city of Kota, Rajasthan.

East India Comedy

Over the last decade, Kota has emerged as a popular coaching destination for competitive exams preparation. Over 1.5 lakh students, a lot of them aspiring engineers and doctors, flock to the city every year to prepare for their exams.

Comedian Sapan Verma, who also attended IIT coaching classes, opens up about how difficult it was to deal with the academic pressure.

East India Comedy

Sapan told BuzzFeed India, "As a comedian, I go to a lot of colleges to perform and I see the lives of these students. There's so much pressure. And most of it comes from their family. Either financially, or because parents want them to do well."

Verma also told BuzzFeed that after uploading the video, a lot of students in Kota reached out to him, thanking him and telling him that they will be showing the video to their parents.

The video also features some of India's leading comedians, who also talk about their struggles with India's education system, and how it's not the end of the road.


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