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India Has Made It Mandatory For All Cellphones To Have Panic Buttons To Keep Women Safe

Yuuup, even brands like Apple and Samsung are expected to tweak their phones for this.

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India's telecom ministry has taken active steps to improve women's safety, announcing a mandatory panic button on all phones starting from 2017.

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The button will place a call to a dedicated helpline. Additionally, in-built GPS navigation is also to be made mandatory from 2018, which can help pinpoint the phone’s location in an emergency.

All mobile phone manufacturers, including brands like Apple and Samsung, are expected to abide by the rules.


While the keys 5 and 9 will be used to make a call on phones with a numeric keyboard, smartphone makers will have to introduce a new button or method to make the call.

Although the move was just announced, and won't be in place for another year, Twitter users have already formed some opinions on the matter.

How about teaching their men not to sexually assault people eh?

1. Good for India. 2. Poor, poor India. Get your shit together.

Some people just lost control of what separates them from being animals so the gov't just made an app.