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    If India Had 100 People

    Only 7 of us would go on to complete graduation.

    A new video by Newsflicks calculates what India's population would look like if it were just 100 people.

    Our religious beliefs.

    Our breakdown according to gender.

    People living in the rural areas.

    Our internet usage.

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    Out of the 32, a mere 11 of them would be on Facebook.

    How many would complete graduation.

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    This is despite 74 Indians having completed basic education.

    The number of Indians using smartphones.

    How many Indians speak fluent English.

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    In comparison, 41 people would prefer Hindi, their mother tongue.

    The problem of open defecation.

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    40 people would have access to toilets, but an alarming 49 people would still be defecating in the open, while the rest use public toilets.

    The issue of lack of drinking water.

    Very few Indians would actually be paying their income tax.

    The rich would keep getting richer.

    Facebook: newsflicksenglish

    While one person would own half the wealth, a staggering 54 of us would be living on less than ₹200 a day.

    And if India were 100 people, here's how many people would live in Pakistan, China, Europe and USA.

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    Check out the original video by Newsflicks here.

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