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Posted on 27 Jul 2016

17 Things That Will Make Every Indian Go, "I Thought It Was Just Me"

It wasn't.

1. Biting off the corners of the samosa before eating the rest.

2. Clapping twice on instinct if anybody ever sings the first few words of the "Kuch Toh Hua Hai" hook.

Yash Raj Films

3. Calling someone to wish them happy birthday, and then saying "Happy birthday once again" before hanging up.

Gamut Stockimages / Getty Images

4. Licking a bit of the Maggi tastemaker off your palm before mixing it with the noodles.

5. Licking the plate of Maggi dry with brisk, straight tongue strokes after all the noodles are over.

BuzzFeed India

6. Pretending to be on the hot seat while you were watching KBC on television.


7. Getting very shifty when you show a relative a photo on your phone, and they start scrolling through your other photos.

Integrated Films / Via Imaan Sheikh

8. Sticking the calendars to the walls with tape so you can keep the fan on full blast.

9. Eating your dabba on the way home, because your mum will destroy you if she finds out you ordered biryani for lunch again.

Amole Gupte Cinema

10. Getting your shoulders moving by default every time you hear the opening bars of "Tunak Tunak Tun".

11. Getting wet due to water bursting out the shower, while you were trying to turn on the tap.

Shamley Productions

12. Having a favourite colour of Gems, although you know they all taste the same anyway.

Instagram: @chirag.mandirutta / Via

13. Liking popular shit on Facebook to increase the chances of matching interests with your future lover on Tinder.

Facebook: Everythingyoulike

14. Having to stand with the drink or cigarette behind your back whenever a goddamn camera turns up.

15. Habitually saying "Kya re", after someone says "Excuse me" to you, because of this one goddamn movie.

16. Checking people's WhatsApp photos while you wait for them to reply.

DevArtMe / Via WhatsApp

17. And hoping the traffic is slow enough for Pokémon Go to think you're walking.

BuzzFeed India

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