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15 Things That Marwaris Are Tired Of Hearing

Try thinking outside the daal-baati.

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1. "On a scale of one to Marwari, how kanjoos are you, really?"


On a scale of one to fuck off, fuck off.

2. "Ohhhhh, wait! Does your family own that sweet shop just round the corner?"

Sure. Go ahead and order whatever you want. Make sure you eat it all before you tell them you know me.
Eric Parker / Via Flickr: ericparker

Sure. Go ahead and order whatever you want. Make sure you eat it all before you tell them you know me.

3. "Hey, when you're older, are you going to join your family business too?"

New Line Cinema

If it involves shutting you the hell up, then yes.

4. "No? Hmmm. Guess you want to be your own baniya."

Guess you want to be your own moron.


5. "Do Marwari women always wear a dupatta on their heads?"

Tbh I wish I had a dupatta right now to cover my face, which has been contorted immensely owing to your ignorance.

6. "But is it true that they wear a ghagra choli to every party you guys throw?"


7. "And do you guys only serve gatte ki sabzi as your choice of party food?"

8. "No? Oh, I know! Daal baati!"

Try thinking outside the daal-baati, yeah?


9. "By the way, do you put ghee in your food, or food in your ghee?"

Either way, it is bloody delicious. So don't be a hater and have another helping.

10. "Is the excess hing in all your food the root cause of a lot of burping?"


LET'S FIND OUT. *Burps in your face*


11. "Hey, wait. You can't be Marwari. Where'd you keep your token pot belly?"

Gracie Films

Same place you kept your sense of humour.

12. "And don't tell me you don't have paan??????"

I won't tell you, then.


13. "How are you 21 and not married yet?"

Hari Om Productions / Via Imaan Sheikh

How is your face still talking to my face?

14. "I mean, what does your joint family have to say about that?"

Dharma Productions

Not much, considering we don't meet each other every damn day. And I see what you did there.

15. "Wait, are you just Gujarati or something?"


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